Welcome to eActive

By creating your own eActive account you are given access to the eActive softare platform to run a web-based points reward system.
In the administrators area of the platform you will configure the platform to suit your individual needs. It's as simple as following the instructions below.
As the system administrator your main tasks will be to:
  • Add students to the database
  • Set the activities that will earn points
  • Set the prizes and the points that need to be earned to redeem them
  • Enter the points earned by each student to their eActive record as they are earned
  • Distribute prizes to students as they redeem them.

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How does it work?

Sign up to join eActive and once payment has been received you will be emailed:

  • An invoice
  • Your unique school eActive url
  • Your unique administrator access username and password (allowing you access to the eActive system)

Upon receipt of payment, your online eActive url will be activated. Your unique manager access password will grant you access to eActive. You will then need to personalise your reward scheme.

There are 5 steps needed to get started.
  1. Adding student details
  2. Adding the names of activities that will earn points
  3. Setting your prize table
  4. Adding points to a student
  5. Creating activity record cards/brochures
Login and complete these steps

Step 1 - Adding Students.

  1. Multiple Names – Create a file in excel with the following column headings and the names of students you wish to upload. First Name, Surname, Username, Password, Email, Year Level, Form Class, Sports House. (The first three fields are essential, the rest are optional. If Password is empty the import process will set the password to be the same as the Username. Save the file in CSV format.
  2. In the Admin area, click on the Import CSV File option. Browse to find the file you just created. Press the “Upload button”. If successful you will receive a “Successfully uploaded” message. Your database now has names in it.

  3. Individual students In the Supervisor’s area press the “Students” button. To add a new student click the Add button. Complete the details (Not all boxes need to be filled) and click the save (disk) button. Repeat the process for each new student. Press the exit (green arrow/door symbol) to return to home page.

Step 2 - Adding Activities.

In the Supervisor's area, click on Activities. Click the "Add" button. A form will appear. Complete the details and click the save (disk) button.

Repeat the process for each new activity.

You can add, edit and delete activities at any time, but we strongly recommend that you do not delete activities that students have used to earn points.

Step 3 - Adding Prizes.

In the Supervisor's area, click Prizes to create your own multi-level prize table (EXAMPLE). eActive will allow you to upload a picture and write a description of each prize.

Click the "Add" button. This form will appear. Complete the details and click the save (disk) button.

Repeat the process for each new prize.

The maximum prize grid that can be customized is 10 levels x 10 prizes. In practice, a smaller number of levels and range of prizes may prove easier to manage. ie: 5 levels of rewards with 5-7prizes/level.

Step 4 - Adding Points to Students.

In the Supervisor's area, click on Students. Go to the student being edited and click the Edit icon (Pencil) for the required student. At this point there are two ways to change a student's points.

Method 1. Go to the "Available Points" field and modify the new points total. Click the save (disk) icon. The stuent record will be updated.

Method 2. (Preferred option)

Go to the Activity Grid and click the Green Plus icon. (Screenshot)

Using the drop down boxes, complete the “Activity” and “Date obtained” fields.

Enter the points value you wish to be assigned for this activity.

Press the save disc icon.

Repeat the process for each new activity and press the save disc icon.

Press exit

This allows you to build a record of each student’s achievements which is why it is the preferred option.

Step 5 - Creating Activity Cards and Brochures.

Create your activity cards and prize brochures. (This is not done within eActive.)

We recommend that you include the terms and conditions of your reward scheme on your prize brochure. (EXAMPLES)

Any prize brochure produced should match what you have uploaded onto eActive.

Step 6 - Other (optional) Steps.

In the Supervisor's area, other options are available. (eg: Form Classes, Year Levels, Sports Houses, Teachers).

These options are not mandatory, but are recommended if you have a large student population participating in your eActive scheme. They can be used as search and grouping criteria to aid with administration.

Teacher entries allow you to provide admin-level access to other staff.

Reports may be of some assistance to you depending on how you utilise data.

In the supervisors area, each option has a search/filter function and a sort function.

The search/filter function is activated by typing in a search criteria. All matches to the search will be extracted from the database.

By clicking on the headings you can list data alphabetically or numerically – ascending or descending.

Redeeming Prizes:

When a student logs into their account, they will have the following screen (Screenshot of student’s home page)

Primarily their home page displays the number of Rewards Points they have earned.

They have just three options:

  • They can change their email address,
  • change their password,
  • or redeem a prize.

When they redeem a prize a display of all available prizes and points values will appear.

When they select the prize they want, they will be asked to confirm their choice.

Once confirmed, an email will be sent to the supervisor advising that this particular student has redeemed this particular prize.

The points alue of the prize will be deducted from the student's unredeemed points total.

It is then up to the supervisor to arrange distribution of the nominated prize.


It is important to understand that any data added to the eActive system is encrypted and secure and no other user, including the eActive managers, will have access to any uploaded data.

No names or information will be given or sold to any person or company.

Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.